War Games: 7 Feb 15 – 10 May 15

7 February – 10 May 2015


Explore the role children’s toys and games play in depicting conflict in this stunning exhibition from the prestigious V&A Museum of Childhood. From bows and arrows to laser guns, discover how playthings have shaped our view of war through interactive exhibits and fascinating insights.

War and conflict has been a part of toys and games for centuries. Using objects from the V&A collection, together with loans from other major national and international institutions, this exhibition will illustrate the diverse ways that play and toys recreate and represent warfare.
The dramatic, but lesser-known, impact and influences that war has had on children’s play will be revealed, as will the vital role that Britain’s toy manufacturers played in the war effort. The exhibition will also delve into the ‘secret history’ of toys used as tools of war and espionage.
This thought-provoking exhibition will feature toy soldiers and action figures; toy weapons and ‘anti-war’ toys; board and computer games; archive documents; and a broad range of powerful visual material, including photographs, packaging and advertising material.
All Images © V&A Museum of Childhood