Visions of the Universe: 27 Oct 15 – 21 Feb 16

Wander amongst dazzling galaxies, spectacular nebulae and millions of shimmering stars in this breath-taking collection of some of the most incredible images of our universe ever made. Coming to the Pavilion at SeaCity Museum from Royal Museums Greenwich is Visions of the Universe – an exhibition that shows how we have captured images of the heavens over the centuries, from the earliest hand-drawings to photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and a specially-created panoramic image from the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Human beings have always been curious about the night sky. In the early 1600s the invention of the telescope showed astronomers things that had never been seen before. The development of photography 250 years later gave them a new tool which could accurately record the light that passed through their telescopes. Since then, driven by their desire to find out more, astronomers have helped advance photographic technology itself.

Described by The Guardian’s art critic Jonathan Jones as “the most beautiful and significant exhibition I have seen in ages”, Visions of the Universe draws together an astonishing array of images of stars, planets and galaxies gathered from NASA, the Russian space programme, the European Southern Observatory and more of the world’s greatest telescopes and space missions.