Port Out, Southampton Home: 25 March 2016 – 4 June 2017

Port Out, Southampton Home

In their golden age from the 1920s to the 1950s, ocean liners were the lifeblood of Southampton, bringing employment, industry and glamour to the city. From the early days in the 1890s to modern day cruiseliners, this major exhibition tells the story of these great ships and evokes the romance of sea travel and life on board. The exhibition includes a wide range of rarely seen items from the city’s maritime collection, including ship models, posters, photographs and ephemera from the great liners such as menu cards and souvenirs.

See furniture and other items from some of the famous ships that called Southampton home such as the Mauretania, Queen Mary and QE2, and learn about the people who travelled and worked the oceans aboard these iconic ships through letters, diaries and oral history interviews with passengers and crew.

Visitors of all ages can have a go at activities such as deck quoits, try on a captain’s or steward’s uniform, or find out what was served for a meal in First Class on the Queen Mary.