School Groups

We can get very busy with school groups so suggest contacting us as early as possible to secure your visit. If you’d like to visit us please give us a ring or email us and we’ll do our best to welcome your group to us. Have you thought about a visit to our sister museum Tudor House & Garden

Welcome to our schools page where you’ll find details of all of our sessions and activities. We aim to cater to all ages and abilities and are very happy to adapt our sessions to make them accessible and relevant to your school or group. Please Click here for a draft itinerary and costing for one class.

If you would like to make a booking with us please email us at or call us on 023 8083 2810. Alternatively you can complete an online enquiry form.


See below for a table showing the various activities on offer for your school on your visit to SeaCity Museum.

Discovery Sessions Hour-long guided tours of one of our exhibitions led by one of our fantastic guides. £47 per session (£62 after-hours or weekends).
Workshops One-hour interactive sessions incorporating object handling, and other activities. Maximum group size 33. £82 per workshop.
Self-guided Time An opportunity to spend some time exploring the museum. Price varies depending on other activities booked. Admission is only £2 per child if both a discovery session and a workshop is booked.
Lunch Space Rooms are available for use for lunch. Costs are £24 (up to 60 children), or £35 (up to 90 children).

Would you like to order self-service tea and coffee for adults attending the trip? You can add this to your booking for £2 per person and you’ll find a hot drink waiting for you in your lunchroom!

Education Trails Add an education trails to your visit, offered at a special school price of 35p per trail.

Discovery Sessions

Our guided sessions are informative, engaging, and interactive. Experienced gallery and museum educators encourage pupils, leaving them enthused and eager to find out more. All tours cost £47 and last an hour.

Once again, we have had such an amazing time and have learned new and interesting facts from your team. All of our pupils were completely engaged in each activity and all came away saying it was the best trip so far! The expertise from your staff and their ability to make the workshops and tour so interactive and enjoyable for our pupils makes us so lucky to have you right around the corner. Thank you so much and we look forward to next year!
Teacher, visited September 2019

Discovery Session
Southampton’s Titanic Story


Develop a greater understanding of the tragedy of the RMS Titanic and its affect on Southampton in this expert-led tour of our permanent Titanic exhibition in a sympathetic and child-friendly way. The tour is designed to complement the collections on display.
Southampton Gateway to the World

Discover the tale of the last 10,000 years of Southampton’s history! Find out about the pirate emperor who turned Britain into his own Empire in Roman times, about why stone axes could be magic and why a witch was brought to St Mary’s Stadium in the 2000s!
Southampton Stories

Join a guide in delving into stories of Southampton’s past, including stories of bravery, villainy and war!




This was our first visit and we loved it. The two workshops where excellent – the best I’ve experienced on a school trip. The facilitators were excellent and they spoke to the children in exactly the right way. The workshop activities were really hands-on.
Teacher, visited September 2019

Our workshops have something to offer every class.  All of our sessions are different but always include aspects of dressing up, story-telling and interactive activities that will get your students involved! All sessions are offered at £82 and last  about an hour. See below for more information.

The Titanic

Step aboard the Titanic and dive into activities related to the most famous ship in history. Join an expert facilitator in discovering incredible real-life Titanic tales before doing a range of exciting and engaging hands-on activities. Tasks vary depending on age but always include scientific experiments, object-handling and a lifeboat activity. Younger students will have a go at matching places on the ship, older students will have a go at morse code and secondary students will explore the question ‘who was to blame for the loss of life.’

All Ages

Under the Sea

Seascape painting

Dive under the sea and learn about what lies beneath in this magical workshop exploring our oceans. Conduct a ‘float or sink’ experiment, investigate a mystery bag, examine maritime objects and make a fun craft to take back to school with you. This session has been developed for Early Years and Foundation Stage students.

Key Stage 1

Bring ancient history to life in this exciting workshop based around the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Handle an ancient hand-axe, meet our prehistoric ancestors, find out how the Ancient Britons made fire and try your hand at making your very own yarn using a Bronze-age technique!

Key Stage 2


Travel back in time 2000 years to discover what life was like in Roman Southampton. Meet the soldiers who invaded Britain, the governor who ruled and the slave who did the hard work. Then take part in a wide range of hands-on activities and handling real Roman artefacts, make a mosaic, draw our mystery objects and create your own Roman underground heating system!

Key Stage  2


Delve into Saxon Southampton in this fun history workshop! Discover who might have lived in Southampton 1,400 years ago and then try your hand at object-handling, create a rune necklace, weave like a Saxon and look at Saxon objects REALLY close with our special microscopes.

A special Hamwic walking tour is available which takes place around the St Mary’s area of the town. Please contact us for details.

Key Stage 2

Leisure & Tourism Talk

This illustrated talk was developed to support students who are studying leisure and tourism and explores the place of museums in the tourism sector as well as looking more widely at the function of museums regionally, nationally and globally. Perfect for those at Key Stage 4 level and above. This talk costs £65.

Key Stage 4 and above



Interested in other workshops? Our sister museum Tudor House & Garden offers a fantastic range of workshops and discovery sessions, including ‘Southampton Through Time’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘The Second World War’. These can also be booked as Outreach sessions and delivered at SeaCity! You can find details of all of their brilliant sessions here.

Can’t come to us but would like one of our team to come to you? Check out our Outreach sessions here.


Our  cross-curricular bundles provide a balance of history and art sessions incorporating a broad range of styles and learning experiences. Our days have primarily been designed specially with the KS2 history curriculum in mind, however we are happy to adapt days for other age groups and abilities.

The days normally combine an art workshop (£85) with a history workshop and/or a Discovery Session at SeaCity. Try different mediums such as wire, clay or print making. See below for ideas for what you could do!

      • Prehistory Combine an interactive Prehistory workshop or Gateway Discovery Session with a choice of cave painting-inspired tiles, an Iron Age cooking pot or create your very own Neanderthal head!
      • Roman Add to a Gateway Discovery Session or Roman workshop by making a Roman-style mosaic; making Roman shields or helmets; creating Celtic symbols or building your own Roman wire sandals!
      • Saxons Add to a Gateway Discovery Session or our history Saxon workshop. Try clay cooking vessels, Saxon tiles, or try your hand at making your very own jewellery.

Please contact us to find out more information about our Art and History Bundle Days.