Donate to the collection

Do you want to donate or loan an object to the Museum?

We can collect anything that helps us understand and record life in Southampton through the ages.

But as we can’t collect everything, each object offered to us has to be assessed to see how it fits into our collection. This can take several weeks.

Donating an object

Please let us know in advance if you want to donate an object, as donations must be prearranged. Email or call 023 8023 7584

Remember – we are also interested in additional information or stories about the object. This can help us decide if your object has a strong Southampton connection.

Loaning an object

We don’t take loans unless we request them for a particular exhibition.

Selling an object

We don’t usually buy objects, except for very special ones that we pay for by applying for funding. Most objects don’t attract funding.

Identifying an object

If you want one of our curators to find out more about an historic object of yours, please don’t bring it in, but instead contact us first.

Contact us at: Email

Call 023 8023 7584


We are not able to give valuations on any objects.