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Interactive Ship

SeaCity Museum houses a 1:25 scale, interactive model of the Titanic that will fascinate and stimulate visitors of all ages.

Captain Smith’s sword

Captain Smith perished with the Titanic. His Royal Naval Reserve sword, donated by his family in 1912 now features in SeaCity Museum in the Southampton’s Titanic story exhibition.

Saxon female burial group

This woman was buried with a necklace comprising a gold and garnet pendant, two turquoise glass beads and a silver ring with a Roman glass intaglio set in it. These rare and valuable objects suggest she came from a wealthy family.

The Saxon woman was aged between 16 and 20 years when she died. We know this from examining the bones recovered from her grave. Human bone does not survive well in Southampton’s soils, so only a few bones were recovered. These show that she was laid on her back in a grave orientated west to east, with her head at the west. A number of objects were found near her neck, and were probably worn on a necklace. These were a gold pendant with garnet insets, a silver intaglio ring and two blue glass beads. There was also an iron buckle found in the chest area.

The gold pendant is important for dating the burial. This type of pendant with cloisonné garnets and gold filigree decoration can be confidently dated to the mid 7th century. It is also important as one of only two examples of gold Saxon jewellery ever found in Southampton, the other coming from another grave in the same cemetery. Experts think the decoration shows Kentish influence so it may have been made in Kent. The gold and garnets would have been imported. This is a high status object and suggests that the woman came from a wealthy and influential family. Only rich and important people would have access to such an expensive exotic item, and the placing of it in a burial, removing it completely from use, was a deliberate and public statement of that wealth and importance.

Pocket watch

This watch was in the pocket of Steward Sidney Sedunary aboard the Titanic. It stopped at 10 minutes to 2, about ½ hour before the Titanic sank. A few days later, the watch and other of Sidney’s possessions were recovered from his body by the crew of the ship Mackay Bennett before Sidney was buried at sea.

More to see and do

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