Adult Learning

We offer an active  programme of talks, tours for adult groups. For more information download our Learning and Activities for Adults guide or see below for the various talks, tours and workshops at SeaCity.

If you would like to make a booking, or to discuss visiting us please email our Learning Team at or phone us on 023 8083 2810. We offer a broad range of tours and workshops, based on the details and costs below:


Guided Tours

We offer a fantastic range of private tours. All tours are let by a specialist with a background in history or archaeology.  Tours cost £65 (£75 after-hours and weekends) and last an hour.

  • Southampton’s Titanic Story– Develop a greater understanding of the tragedy of the RMS Titanic and its affect on Southampton in this expert-led tour of our permanent Titanic exhibition. The tour is designed to complement the collections on display.
  • Gateway to the World– Gain an in-depth perspective into Southampton’s history. Find out about the pirate emperor who  turned Britain into his own Empire in Roman times and why a witch was brought to St Mary’s Stadium in the 2000s.
  • Old Police Station– Go behind-the-scenes of SeaCity to discover the story of the Central Police Station which was based here until 2011. Visit a padded cell and visit the old Coroner’s Court. Please bring a torch.
  • Civic Centre Clock Tower (maximum 8)– Gain a bird’s eye view of Southampton in this fantastic private tour of the clock tower. Learn about its conception, design and find out about the intriguing method of choosing its height…
  • Southampton Old Town– Uncover Southampton’s hidden past with this walking tour around and under the Old Town, exploring stories of merchants, mayhem and murder along the way! This tour visits some of the medieval vaults beneath the town. he tour begins and ends in St Michael’s Square (outside Tudor House). Subject to availability.
  • The Southampton Blitz– Southampton was heavily bombed during the Second World War. This walking tour descends into a number of the public air-raid shelters and explores the experiences of those who lived through some of the darkest days of Southampton’s history.The tour begins and ends in St Michael’s Square (outside Tudor House). Subject to availability.
  • Walking the Titanic– A walking tour exploring the story of Titanic by visiting the places affected by it. The tour is about 2 miles and begins and ends in St Michael’s Square (outside Tudor House). Subject to availability.

Tea & Lunch offers

Why not complete your visit to us with our exclusive catering deals! Enjoy a cup of tea with scone, jam and cream for only £4 per person or a lunch deal for only £6.50 per person. You can see a sample of our lunch offer menu here. Please note these offers are only available when booking a tour or talk and are subject to availability.

Self-guided Visits

We offer a reduced admission price to the museum for groups of 10 or more. In order to be eligible for a discount it is necessary to pre-book with us. Please ring 023 8083 2810 for more information.


SeaCity offers a range of illustrated talks on many different subjects. These are available at the museum or can be booked as an outreach session. Talks in the museum cost £65 plus admission and outreach talks cost £70 plus travel. All talks are subject to availability. Titles include:

  • Titanic: Heroes, Villains and Mailsacks This talk explores the famous stories of Titanic by looking at some of the heroes and villains associated with the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
  • Titanic: Local Connections A more in-depth look at some of the less-known stories of Titanic and their link to Southampton and the surrounding area. Perfect for groups who already have an understanding of the main Titanic story.
  • 1338 And All That Southampton suffered a catastrophic raid at the hands of French pirates at the beginning of the Hundred Years War. This talk unpicks the story and delves into Southampton’s medieval past.
  • A Titanic Conspiracy? Was the sinking of Titanic an elaborate insurance scam, did poor-quality rivets sink her and was a raging fire responsible for her sinking? This talk looks at the conspiracy theories associated with Titanic.
  • A History of Southampton in Objects Using objects in the museum’s collection, this is a whistle-stop tour of the last 10,000 years of Southampton.
  • Southampton: Gateway to the World Inspired by our ‘Southampton: Gateway to the World’ exhibition, this talk explores how and why the town has become such an important maritime centre for commerce and the movement of people.
  • POSH: A History of Southampton Docks Discover the remarkable story of Southampton’s docks and the ocean liners that called the town home.
  • The Life and Times of Ellen Wren: A Story of Victorian Southampton The story of Ellen Wren is fairly well-known: she was a woman who stole and drank her way to an early grave and whose death in squalid conditions led to enormous changes in housing in Southampton. This talk charts her life from cradle, to grave, and beyond.
  • O God, Our Help In Ages Past: The Story of Southampton’s Hymn This talk explores the Southampton of Isaac Watts’ time and the remarkable story of the hymn’s Southampton links throughout the last 300 years.
  • A History of Tudor House Discover the story of Southampton’s most important historic building, from its Norman roots through the dark days of the Southampton Blitz, and everything in between.

HanDs-On Workshops

Join an expert historian or archaeologist in a hands-on workshop exploring an aspect of history in detail. Each session puts our collection’s objects at the heart of the session and allows groups to learn in a fun and safe environment. Sessions may also include mini-tours of parts of the museum. Each session lasts about 90 minutes and costs £150 and is suitable for groups of up to 20. Topics include:

  • RMS Titanic
  • The History of Southampton
  • Prehistoric Southampton
  • Clausentum: Roman Southampton

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